Inspiration Calls




I can’t full explain what compelled me to seek out a certified medium on Google one night.  I had been watching a few two many episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories maybe, but more likely, I just had some unanswered questions that I wanted answered.

So I found a website that lists top mediums in the country that have been fully vetted and certified by a number of organizations that specialize in making sure the public is not getting ripped off.  For your perusal:

My journey began on October 26, 2013 when I emailed one of the mediums from this website and booked a half-hour reading for November 1.  How could I know that after the reading, I would be so intrigued by this form of communication that I would immerse myself in learning more–and thus begin my own journey of receiving messages from beyond.

Validation is the key…of a good reading from a medium, of your own incoming messages, of believing that you are not crazy or making it up.  And it does feel like you’re making it up…until a spirit sends you on a scavenger hunt into the basement of an empty house, at which point it all makes sense.

Much to cover with you, my friends, but for now–thanks for visiting the page.  Keeping an open mind if the first requirement of playing along.  The second requirement is trying it for yourself and leaving comments!


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